Struggling with co-parenting? Separation? Divorce?

Struggling with co-parenting? Separation? Divorce?  We can help.

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High-conflict divorce is just about the most devastating, soul-wrecking experience imaginable. The unrelenting chaos and pain can leave you exhausted and despairing. Legal fees can become a huge strain. And most importantly, there’s the impact on your children, who may be grappling with anxiety, struggling at school, acting out, or turning to substances to cope.

How can you keep it all together? In The High-Conflict Co-parenting Survival Guide, high-conflict divorce experts Megan Hunter and Andrea LaRochelle offer hope and a wealth of advice.

Available October 17.

Andrea LaRochelle & Associates

As a registered family mediator for over 18 years, Andrea gained a keen understanding of high conflict personalities and the crazy-making they can create.

Andrea has developed books and effective management and communication strategies to assist you with high conflict co-parenting.

Andrea LaRochelle & Associates host the Parenting After Separation and Focus On Communication in Separation workshops in Calgary, AB.


Book a 1:1 appointment online, email or call 403-818-9942.


Effective immediately Parenting After Separation and Parenting Separation High Conflict government programs will only be available online,  

Andrea LaRochelle & Associates does not manage the online programming and we are unable to help with troubleshooting.

The Focus on Communication in Separation has been cancelled.

When Parents Can’t be Friends is an online communication course for parents who have difficult communication patterns, the link can be found at the top of my website.  There is a $97 fee for this course.