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Do you have a loved one, work colleague or ex who is making you miserable?

Are you struggling to create peace because everything you say or do is twisted and manipulated into something dramatic and awful? Are you questioning yourself, wondering if you are the high conflict person?

Andrea’s unique education and over 18 years of experience in the has high conflict arena has made her an expert in high conflict interpersonal dynamics. Whether you’re stuck with a sibling who makes your whole family miserable, co-parenting with someone hellbent on trying to destroy you or a work colleague who keeps getting under your skin – Andrea’s signature Disengage. Decide. Deliver process of managing high conflict relationships will change your life. For real.

Understanding high conflict interpersonal dynamics is the imperative first step in regaining control over your current circumstances. From there, you can implement Andrea’s strategies and tools to more effectively manage the high conflict person in your life. Stop spending hours trying to draft the perfect email or days/weeks/months wondering how you can fix yourself to make the relationship better. A few small tweaks to your current communication and a well placed boundary will completely change your experience – so you can start living your life again rather than managing someone else’s drama.


A high conflict separation/divorce can be soul sucking, emotionally devastating and financially crippling. Between trying to manage the onslaught of daily critical emails and texts telling you how awful you are, to the constant requests to change the schedule, to the demand to hire certain professionals to the ever constant rising legal bills – you’re also expected to be the perfect parent. Because if you aren’t, you’ll be criticized for that too.  Andrea’s no nonsense approach to managing communications, preparing for mediation / arbitration / court and learning to thrive in life again will be the best money you spend during your separation/divorce. Because she’ll also save you money elsewhere – by helping you learn when to *fight* and when to *let it go*.


Do you have a friend, sister, parent or loved on who makes you feel like maybe you’ve gone insane?  You try to support them through whichever crisis they may be experiencing (this week, because next week it will be a new crisis) but your words and actions get twisted and suddenly their crisis becomes your fault?  Or does it feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? Or do they hijack every conversation?  After spending time with them, do you feel exhausted and kind of like you’ve been hit by a semi truck?  Co-existing in a high conflict interpersonal relationship is mind bogglingly difficult and crazy making, but there is hope.  With Andrea’s unique high conflict education coupled with her extensive experience, she will give you the tools you need to better manage the complex relationship you have with your loved one.

Is your boss turning your work life upside down?  Or is a colleague undermining your skills?  Bad-mouthing you to anyone who will listen?  Do you find yourself struggling to respond to hostile emails? Dreading going into work because you aren’t sure what the emotional temperature is going to be?  Do you feel trapped because you need your job, but aren’t sure how you can survive another week of this, let alone another 5-10 years?  Managing high conflict colleagues doesn’t have to be all consuming. Andrea’s process for managing high conflict in the workforce will provide you the tools and strategies you need to successfully navigate your difficult workplace.
Andrea LaRochelle
* Former Canadian Director, High Conflict Institute
* Former Trainer/Speaker, High Conflict Institute 
* Registered Family Mediator
* Coordinator, Parenting After Separation  
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