If you feel alone and like no one understands what you are going through, if you’re questioning whether or not you are creating the conflict, or if you are the crazy one, I can help.

Andrea will be speaking with clients through Zoom, FaceTime and phone calls from March 23rd through June 1st to allow everyone who requires support to continue to stay healthy while socially isolating.

For any of the below services:

Book1/2 hour session for $125

Book for 1 hour session for $250/hour

Book  for 3 – 1 hour sessions for $700.


Are you wondering how you ended up on a co-parenting relationship with such a high conflict person?  How you are going to protect yourself – and your kids from constant attack? Your high conflict separation/divorce doesn’t have to flatten you.  Learn effective boundary setting and trigger management specific to your high conflict needs and start living again. “An hour with Andrea will give you your sanity back.  She definitely gave me mine back.”


Learn how to disengage from the attacks, manipulations and verbal/online abuse directed at you, decide what needs to be responded to and what doesn’t (hint: 90% doesn’t) and how to deliver an effective and strategic email to your Ex. “Andrea taught me how I was contributing to my co-parenting conflict by the way I was communicating.  Invaluable service.  Thank you!”


There is a reason 80% of second marriages fail; Step-parenting is HARD WORK and there is very little support, books or websites for step parents. “Andrea’s experience as a step parent coupled with her extensive knowledge of family dynamics provided me with the tools I needed  to figure out how to be a better step-parent.  I can’t thank you enough”.


You are spending a lot of time and money to ensure your children remain the priority during your separation and divorce, make sure you are prepared. Learn to create comprehensive, child focused parenting plan proposals for your next mediation or parenting coordination session. “I had no idea what to put in a parenting plan, let alone how to create one.  Andrea removed my fear of the unknown and helped me build a beautiful parenting plan that my PC used for our award.”


Thinking of separating?  Curious about your options?  Scared of what a separation might look like for your family?  Has your spouse had an affair?
Separation and divorce doesn’t have to be nasty or fuelled with mean spirited emails and costly legal fees.
Explore your separation and divorce options before you separate to set you – and your family – up for separation success.


Expert guidance to help you navigate the Alberta Courts.