New Ways for Families®

A short-term method for strengthening conflict skills for parents in separation or divorce, whether married or never-married. It’s designed to save courts’ time, to save parents money, and to protect children as their families re-organize in new ways.


  •  To immunize families against becoming high conflict families by teaching parents to avoid common characteristics of conflict and to learn or strengthen skills for resiliency.
  • To help parents teach their children skills for resilience in this time of  rapid change in the foundation of their family life.
  • To strengthen both parents’ abilities to make parenting decisions, while relying less on experts and the courts to make their decisions for them.
  • To assist professionals and the courts in assessing each parent’s potential to learn new, positive ways of problem-solving and organizing their family after a separation or divorce. By having both parents participate in the program, it helps professionals and the courts avoid creating an “all-bad parent” and an “all-good parent,” which often escalates the family into high conflict behavior.
  • To give parents a chance to change in court cases of abuse or alienation, before making long-term court orders which may limit their contact with children or require additional treatment (batterers treatment, drug treatment, further counseling, etc.). New Ways still allows for temporary orders when necessary for the health and safety of the children.


  • Flexible Thinking: Acknowledging that there is more than one solution to most problems
  • Managed Emotions: Controlling one’s own anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety so as to not over-react
  • Moderate Behaviors: Avoiding extreme actions and language
  • Checking Yourself: Reminding yourself to use these skills at times of stress

Does New Ways for Families sound right for you?