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HCP Co-Parenting for Success Membership

Are you looking to connect with other parents who are also experiencing a high conflict co-parenting relationship?

Are you feeling isolated while trying to co-parenting with an HCP Ex?

Do you feel like you’ve learned the skills to manage your Ex appropriately but you’re still getting triggered?

You are NOT alone.

Find the good – HCP Co-Parenting for Success will:

Connect you with others in a similar situation to yours.

  • You know you aren’t crazy, but every once in awhile, doubt creeps back into your head.
  • You want to know how to know how other people manage their high conflict co-parenting relationships.
  • You want to stop reacting to your Ex’s insults and manipulations.
  • You want to stop defending yourself.  You want to stop having to justify your actions.  
  • You’re scared.
  • You want to stop being terrified to open your emails because you don’t know what awful things might be in there and however you respond will used against you anyways.
  • You feel like you can’t win, regardless of what you try.  

And all you really want is for your co-parent to move on, to be happy, to chill so you can both just enjoy the time you have with your child/ren.

Help you brainstorm ideas for disengagement, draft responses to emails, and provide comfort in knowing you are not alone. Unless someone has experienced the crippling effects of co-parenting with an HCP, generally people just don’t understand.

  • “It can’t be that bad.”
  • “His/her request doesn’t seem too outrageous.” (But they haven’t read the 18 emails of personal criticisms leading up to the ask)
  • Or my favourite: “Why don’t you go to counselling to figure this out.” (Like you haven’t already tried that?!)

Give you unprecedented access to Andrea.

  • “Andrea is the first person who actually understood my private hell.”
  • “Andrea’s coaching helped me have the confidence to disengage from my Ex and trust myself again.”
  • “Andrea’s process (Disengage, Decide, Deliver) actually works – when I remember to use it.”
  • “Just knowing that Andrea had my back gave me the courage to create the boundaries I needed to take back control of my life.” 

Membership is for you IF you are ready to:

  • put old patterns behind you and create healthy boundaries with the support of like-minded individuals.
  • ask for help managing your HCP Ex so you can better Disengage, Decide and Deliver.
  • hunker down and get present with your kids. You want to enjoy your time with your kids, knowing that you have a group of people who have your back helping you manage the crazy?
  • let Andrea guide you to a new and improved version of yourself using the tools required for success
  • be done with being afraid, anxious, angry and alone in this experience and genuinely want to implement boundaries

Membership is NOT for you IF you:

  • want your Ex to change
  • aren’t ready to recognize your role in the conflict
  • see money as your primary conflict
  • aren’t open to changing what hasn’t worked in the past but are too afraid to try something else
  • aren’t willing to let your guard down, just a little, and accept help from those who’ve been there/done that and Andrea whose only focus is helping you manage your adult conflict so you and your kids can enjoy your time together.


  • Secret Facebook group moderated by Andrea (members are encouraged to create a new/private FB account for the membership to help maintain anonymity) 
  • A safe place to vent (with boundaries), brainstorm, get support and connect with like minded people 
  • A minimum of 3 Q&A and/or coaching videos with Andrea each week (for those of you who have worked with Andrea, you know she often over delivers)
  • Andrea will provide real time (within 24-72 hours) coaching feedback
  • Questions can be asked through private messaging but will be answered publicly through a post or video (names withheld). If you have a questions, chances are good someone else has the same question.
  • Premier access to Andrea’s newest material and research
  • Guest pop ins (from professionals Andrea trusts).


Find the good – HCP Co-Parenting Success Membership only $47 monthly (Cancel anytime).

What is your sanity worth? 

Membership currently full.