When Parents Can’t Be Friends

When Parents Can’t Be Friends is a 2-hr interactive workshop providing parents the tools they need to effectively manage their high conflict separation and/or divorce. 

(Can’t make the live course? Try our new online course instead.)

“I’m Done.”  “I quit.”  “I can’t do this anymore.”  Trying to raise children with someone who hates you is exhausting.  Do you receive daily emails about how you are the worlds worst parent?  How you are destroying your children with your horrific controlling behaviours and how your children would be better off without you?

You need to be strong, disengage from the mud-slinging and create secure boundaries.  You require a clear and concise method for communication that keeps you safe and drama free.  

Andrea’s book “I’m Done: Take Control of Your High Conflict Divorce” and 3 children’s books “Goodbye Worry Bugs“, “Goodbye Teary Bugs” and “Goodbye Angry Bugs” will be electronically provided after the class.  Certificates will be handed out upon completion.


  • Cost of the workshop is $150+GST
  • You will be asked the name of your co-parent when registering.
  • Do not bring children to the seminar.
  • Workshops take place at:  Suite 223, 1001 – 1 St SE, Calgary KidFirst Resolution

Please register online.  Contact info provided is for inquiries only.

p:  403.818.9942     e:  admin@andrealarochelle.com