When Parents Can’t Be Friends (Online Course)

You have waited long enough.

Now is the time to get your joy, your harmony, and your control back in your life.

It takes courage. It takes work. It takes practice and patience.

But it is worth it! YOU are worth it.

You deserve to have breathing room and peace again.

And, you have waited long enough!

Hi, I’m Andrea Larochelle and I ask you to stay tuned...

Coming soon, I'll be sharing my new WHEN PARENTS CAN’T BE FRIENDS ONLINE COURSE.

When you are in a high conflict divorce, the path to happiness requires strategies before, during, and after to find your freedom from the high conflict parent.

This course is designed to hone in on deep truths combined with the best tips and tools to establish the initial mindset you need. Then we provide the methods and support to help you believe you can, find the courage… and get on with it.

Watch this space! The course is coming this Fall.