Father and daughter holding hands

Parenting coordination: How can our unique approach assist your family? 


Parenting coordination can:

  1. Assist with the development, maintenance and monitoring of any present or future parenting plan and the variation of such parenting plan;
  2. Assist in the implementation of any future Court Orders, and/or arbitrated decisions;
  3. Address any anticipated conflicts in the Child’s scheduling that occur;
  4. Develop any additional clarifying clauses that may be required given situations and events that unfold that were not initially anticipated when the terms of the original plan were developed;
  5. Monitor the Child’s adjustment;
  6. Assist in the maintenance of the Child’s relationship with each parent;
  7. Assist the parents to communicate more effectively;
  8. Assist with the exchange of information about the Child (i.e. health, welfare, education, religion, etc.) and their routines that may be otherwise impossible and/or ineffective in accordance with the methods provided for in the Parenting Plan;
  9. Resolve conflicts between the parents concerning the Child’s participation in recreation, enrichment, or extra-curricular activities and programs;
  10. Address movement of clothing, equipment, toys, and personal possessions between households;
  11. Address the Child’s travel arrangements during holidays;
  12. Clarify and resolve different interpretations of the Parenting Plan.

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