Communication Support

Need help crafting the perfect email?  Or maybe a break from having to read the insults and manipulations your co-parent sends your way?  Our coaches understand what to say and when to say it in response to just about anything your co-parent might send you.

Option 1:
Are you at the end of your rope? Not sure how you’re going to survive co-parenting with your ex for the next 3, 5, 10 years? Spend an hour with Andrea learning the skills you need to effectively manage your high conflict separation and/or divorce. Andrea’s book “I’m Done: Take Control of Your High Conflict Divorce” and 3 children’s books “Goodbye Worry Bugs”, Goodbye Teary Bugs” and “Goodbye Angry Bugs” will be provided to you at your appointment.  $250/hr plus gst  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

Option 2: 
Online coach will help you draft important emails ensuring they are without opinion or emotion – OR – online coach takes over all communication – emails from your co-parent are email forwarded to your coach so that you never have to see them.  The coach edits out the nasty parts and forwards the child related content on to you.  Together you create a response. No more second guessing yourself or hours mulling over what to say.  Response times within 24-72 hours.

Select an online coaching option below – after submitting your details, an online coach will be in touch with you to confirm when you would like to start.