Are you in a high conflict co-parenting relationship?

If you've tried everything to resolve your conflict, only to have it escalate, you're in the right place.

Andrea LaRochelle
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Andrea LaRochelle & Associates

As a registered family mediator for over 15 years, Andrea gained a keen understanding of high conflict personalities and the crazy-making they can create.

Andrea has developed books and effective management and communication strategies to assist you with high conflict co-parenting.

Andrea LaRochelle & Associates host the Parenting After Separation and Focus On Communication in Separation workshops in Calgary, AB.

What people are saying.

  • "I wish I'd hired you before I decided to separate, it would have saved me years of hell and more money than I care to count."
  • "Andrea, you were the best thing that happened to me out of my divorce. You found a way to give me my freedom back."
  • "Give me some credit for keeping you on my team and being just smart enough to follow your advice. I would not have lasted without you."